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NameCell Phone Position 
Muhammad Abbas All-Rounder
Boodnarine Bharosay 352-874-2450All-Rounder
Winston Cheddar 407-910-7088All-Rounder
Nuwan Dank 347-849-1484All-Rounder
Anthony Desmond 407-837-5527Right Hand Batsman
Ebrahim Gardee 407-760-1980All-Rounder
Andrew Gayle Batsman
Sam Haniff 407-575-2608All-Rounder
Anthony Harding 321-443-1284Right Hand Batsman/Bowler
Saad Hassan 321-987-4049All-Rounder
Eton Hurley 407-846-8981Member/Supporter
Mohammed Inshan 352-536-3809Batsman
Trevor Jamurath 407-414-2664Right Hand Batsman
Peter Jolly 407-501-0178Right Hand Batsman/Bowler
Sabir Khan All-Rounder
Vinay Kundu Wicket-Keeper Batsman
Narine Latchman 407-873-4309All-rounder
Iqbal Mohammed 407-496-0520All-Rounder
Roger Morgan 407-288-3793Right Hand Batsman
Jason Morgan 407-729-1458Left Hand Batsman/Keeper
Adrian Narine 407-820-4017All-Rounder
Anthony Peters 407-744-8216Right Hand Batsman/Keeper
Randy Pooran 929-245-7169All-Rounder
Raghoonanan Boy Pustam 407-257-8120Batsman/Manager
Ramesh Rajoo 407-724-1815All-Rounder
Aneil Rajoo 407-928-4308All-Rounder
Valmikki Ramlall 407-947-0333Right Hand Batsman/Bowler
Arjune Ramlall 352-255-4457All-Rounder
Muaaz Salim 352-444-9160All-Rounder
Gilbert Scarlett 407 460 0778 Honorary Member
Nikhil Sen Bowling All Rounder
Rameez Shakur 352-483-6042All-Rounder
Abdool Shakur 357-351-3820All-Rounder
Samarth Shetty Batsman
David Simon 407-346-4984Right Hand Batsman/Bowler


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