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Poinciana Cricket Club

440 Acacia Tree Way

Kissimmee, Fl 34758 


Peter Jolly/Coach:  407-501-0178       Email:pjolly077@aol.com      

Roger Morgan/Coach: 407-288-3793   Email:rmorgan@drinkarizona.com

Website: Poincianacricketclub.com



Peter Jolly                                                  Valmikki Ramlal


President/Coach                                         Vice President


Telephone: 407-501-0178                         Telephone: 407-947-0333


Email: pjolly077@aol.com                        Email: valmikiramlal@aol.com




Elizabeth Welsh Cousins                              Cynthia Brown


Secretary                                                   Recording Secretary


Telephone: 561-889-2108                         Telephone: 407-483-2120


Email: ewelshcousins@gmail.com            Email: Jorscincin@gmail.com





Paula Whyman                                            Tony Peters


Assistant Recording Secretary                      Sergeant Of Arms


Telephone: 407-556-4610                         Telephone: 407-556-4476


Arlenemom1@gmail.com                         Royston042@gmail.com




Nadira Jamurath                                        Nicloas John   

Treasurer                                                  Assistant Treasurer/Coach


Telephone: 321-437-8176                         Telephone: 407-369-3226






Roger Morgan                                            Raghoonanan Boy Pustam


Public Relation/Coach                                 Manager  


Telephone: 407-288-3793                        Telephone: 407-257-8120


Email: rmorgan@drinkarizona.com



Selecting Committee Members


Peter Jolly

Valmikki Ramlal

Nicholas John

Roger Morgan










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